Weight Loss Attempt version 28.5.1: Step 1

Many times I have tried. Many (ok, fine, ALL times) I have failed. This time - well, this time it may not be any better but I am at least going about it a new way so there's that. In defining insanity as doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results, I also define my method to lose weight. Look at me; doing whatever I have been doing, or ever done, is obviously NOT working for me. Maybe it worked for her or that guy over there but not for me and really, I don't care what that girl did because I am not her.

Starting this time, I am winging it. Yup - no set plan just baby steps with whatever feels right at the time. No schedule. No expectations. No set restrictions for the long term. No diet. I am (understating this) not good with restrictions. Tell me I can't have it and BAM, I want it more than anything. Slowly take it away from me and I might be able to handle it better. Although, no one ever really tries to take anything from me so I don't know how this will go.

Step 1 (and so far, my only step planned)

Water, water everywhere. Only water for me. No tea, no coffee, no soda, no juice, nothing. Water. Sometimes I might add some lime but that's it. The only exception to be made here is alcohol because, what am I, a Mormon? Seriously, no way am I giving that up. I don't drink often enough to make it a problem anyway so blah blah. If I go out, I might drink an adult beverage (or 5) but other than the occasional going out, water only. My plan for this is at least 21 days. Everything will be in a 21 day plan at first. Longer will be better but I am  going with the habit-forming 21 day standard to begin with. After this, we will see how it goes. I expect it will either work for me and I will just be great with only water after the 21 days or I will wonder what drug I was taking that made me think this was a good idea. If this works, I may go for something else like giving up sweets *shudder* or something like that.

This started today and so far has gone great! I forgot once and took a sip of our Soda Stream Diet Grapefruit drink but it was only a sip so sue me. *Fine print: there is no actual legal action necessary at this time please do not sue me as I really have nothing to give you. Life goes on, the water still flows. I have bottles of it all over in my refrigerator and will be taking them with me everywhere I go. If I don't have a bottle with me, please feel free to get me a water - with lime because that makes me feel like I am drinking a margarita from the world's worst or cheapest bartender.


  1. I may join you in this, but I'm going to have to include one cup of coffee or I may harm children, and then I WILL get sued. ;-)

    I tried and failed to diet for 18 months. I'm 47 days in and down 10 pounds. The best thing I've done is just accept when I go over my calories. No beating myself up, just putting it in myfitnesspal and moving on. I think that's helped me quite a bit. I just refuse to give in to beating myself up over this. It's not going to change anything.

  2. Exactly! ok, 21 days. We can do this. :)
    **I ignored the word "may" in your comment.

  3. Does this mean that you do not want me to make the sweet things you wanted? We can bake water!!!!